Rosslyn, Virginia
Applying for this position:
Send your resume and salary requirements to recruiting@jabtechcorp.com
Senior J2EE Developer Job Description:
Duties include:
Need to have one of the following:
  • 4yrs of .NET Web Services Developer experience.
  • 4 yrs of Java 2 Enterprise Edition J2EE Web Services Developer experience.
  • 4 yrs of Security Web Services Developer experience.
  • Must have web 2.0/XML/rich client/ web service development type work within past year
  • Education/Experience: Master's degree in an associated technical discipline or the equivalent years in experience. In rare circumstances, education and/or experience requirements may be decreased or waived if the individual has an extraordinary educational background or uniquely applicable experience or highly specijaptechzed knowledge.
  • Over ten years of progressive experience in high-level technical and organizational support services.
Preferred skills:
  • 13+ years of overall software development experience with a Bachelors degree in computer science, information technology, engineering or similar field required; or 11+ years experience with a Masters degree
  • Develop and implement secure web services using OASIS and W3C in accordance with DoD standards and in conformity with the standards and patterns used by our client for singularly managed infrastructure and enterprise-level security (SMI-ELS)
  • Develop and implement services in an environment using PKI, secure token servers and authentication services that may require the development or re-use of handlers and filters in order to provide secure, end-to-end, 2-way authentication and role-, attribute- and/or policy-based authorization associated with service requests and responses
  • Communicate the benefits and drawbacks to enterprise-level security of: o Enterprise service bus architectures, policy decision points, policy execution points, XML firewalls, security token servers, single-sign-on architectures, ABAC, and RBAC.
  • Communicate to other developers the desired development approaches exploiting appropriate patterns, standards, infrastructure services, desired assurance levels and testing.
  • Over ten years of progressive experience in high-level technical and organizational support services.